Personal Info
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Height 2.04m
Weight 93kg
Occupation/s Co-commander of Halcyon (Trifel)

Principal of Halcyon (Halcyon)

Affiliation/s Halcyon, Exodus
Status Alive
Aura Info
Class Superior Leser
Ability Any

Axel is a supporting character in Trifel, Halcyon, Breakcliff, Spirit Bonds and Afterdawn, and is the Superior Leser of the Halcyon Universe. He is the former commander of Halcyon and the current co-owner of Exodus.


In Trifel, Axel was a lot younger and was taken in by Sentinel after the Attack on Percan City. He was a street child and so he was thin and lanky and wore tattered shirts and shorts for most of his days. He has glowing yellow eyes and a head of near-white blonde hair. 

During his time under the care of Halcyon members, he grew a lot taller and gained muscle with his training. He covers his yellow eyes behind black swimming goggles. He wore mostly black apparel as a Halcyon trainee, instead of the usual uniforms.

In Halcyon, Axel has aged a lot. He now towers above most of his allies with a height of over two metres, and wears a long black coat with a black shirt, black jeans, and black boots. He wears combat gloves to training but usually leaves his hands bare when not on the job. His hair is spiked up into a fauxhawk, which he likes to fix every now and then. He replaced his goggles with a pair of black sunglasses, which he is famous for.

In Breakcliff, Spirit Bonds, and Afterdawn, Axel looked mostly the same, occasionally letting his beard grow out but shaving it soon afterwards anyway. He wears more casual attires once in a while, but kept his signature look with the all black getup.


Axel is a very peculiar person. Sometimes he is very strict and serious; sometimes he plays jokes without reason. His mood switches back and forth without any warning. Students describe him as an efficient teacher, but is sometimes unfair with students. Nonetheless, Halcyon boasts Axel as one of their greatest assets ever.

Back in his youth as a student of Sentinel, he was a very resilient boy. He never backed out on a challenge despite being a frail and thin child. He took on physically strenuous tasks without hesitation and finished them without stopping. If he failed, he would go back at it. His perserverance made him very well loved by his teachers.

In the Dairu Chapter, Axel became laid back and relaxed during the Peace Restoration after Halcyon became less and less needed. He became somewhat lax, but still has his old and jokey personality. He plays sports to stay in shape and began to read books as a pastime.


Axel's early life is a mystery. Some citizens of Percan City say that he just randomly appeared out of the blue, as a young child (around 4-6 years old) on the streets, with no parents or guardians. Axel himself knows little about his youth, not knowing his parents or how he was able to survive without help. While he lived in the streets, he befriended Mordier to whom he gave the nickname "Dime".

Growing up he liked to roam in the Caverna Forest and take leisurely strolls in the rocky formations. He and Dime stayed late outside and sometimes liked to start campfires and sleeping in the forest. He grew up almost blind, but his aura grants him a unique form of vision, helping him navigate around the woods.

After the Attack on Percan City and the subsequent forest fire, Axel and Dime were taken in by Sentinel to become rookies for Halcyon. Both of the boys were shy and did not like the new company, however Axel proved his high potential during the Trifel attack in Hoas City. Since then, Axel has been respected by fellow students and even teachers.





Axel is a highly skilled fighter with a set of very intricate and efficient talents. His martial arts ability is arguably the best in the world when used in conjunction with his Superior Leser abilities. He is able to take on anyone when it is a hand-to-hand battle and is seemingly unstoppable in a fistfight.

His weapon of choice is a retractable wooden staff, made from Caverna Forest wood. He either hides it underneath his long clothing or carries it in a container strapped onto his back. Either way, he is quite deadly once he wields it as he shows full mastery with handling it. He likes to spin the staff around before attacking, sometimes just to show off.


Axel's mind is extremely important in his combat ability and his overall character. Being the Superior Leser, he hold knowledge about every single person he has met and understands how every single form of Aura works. Aside from his unmatched knowledge of Aura, he is a tactical thinker and strategist.

He excels academically in his time as a Halcyon student and is equally as smart as the Co-commander of Halcyon. His ideas and creativity has led to multiple tactical advantages, putting his team into victory almost every single time.

Superior LeserEdit

Axel is the 8th known Superior Leser of Temir. As all former Superior Lesers, they start their lives usually marred by disease and in Axel's case, he had terrible eyesight as a child. He was instead using his Aura Sense to navigate while his eyesight improved over the years.

Character RelationshipsEdit

Sentinel Hethers Edit

Sentinel is Axel's mentor and his father figure. (More TBA as the Temir Chapter unfolds)

Mordrier Dimas Edit

is his closest friend. TBA

Saber Hethers Edit

is his greatest student. TBA

Damion Verdas Edit

was his biggest ally. TBA

Tarik Sarenlaffen Edit

was his classroom friend at the same time bully. TBA

Jena Madrel Edit

was his crush. TBA




  • Axel's character design is largely based off Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil franchise.