City Info
Country Falrun
Hruk 10

Fallenor is a valley city located in central Falrun. It is the twenty-fourth largest city in Kains and is home to the world-renowned school/organisation, Halcyon.


Fallenor is located within the Tyras, a mountain range which extends through the entire central region of Falrun. It is built on a largely flat area, save for some hills and rock formations. Waterfalls from the mountains flow into a lake by the eastern edge of the city. On the northern end are dense forests famous for their beautiful natural formations, such as the Pillager's Rock and the hill on which the Shrine of Rione was built on. 

The climate in the city is relatively cool and and dry for most of the year. Every Second, there is a short season of rainy days, usually lasting for four weeks during the Mid-quarter. Towards the end of the Third begins the snowy season which usally lasts throughout the entire Fourth.


Fallenor has always been a "must-go" city in Falrun, long before Halcyon was even established. The city was flocked by religious folk who are visiting the Shrine of Rione. Visitors are treated to the well mannered and hospitable citizens of Fallenor and the unique delicacies of the city. On snowy days, the locals enjoy snow castle building, and yearly there are contests for the best snow castle.


It wasn't until the Temir War began that Halcyon was created. Halcyon was created for the sole purpose of fighting against Trifel and stationed their first headquarters on the south end of Fallenor. The 976 square kilometre city was deemed the best place to set up camp as the roomy plains served as their training camp. The Halcyon Headquarters, then ran by Alvairo Idel, became the target of Trifel's attacks which eventually led to Idel's death and The Second Dawn, wherein Halcyon soldiers and Kains Central Army soldiers alike bombarded the shores of Horzen until Trifel was defeated.


Fallenor's citizens (called Falleran) are fun loving people. Most professional athletes and stuntmen are from Fallenor. Aside from their enthusiasm, they are a very kind hearted people. Most of it is because of the culture left on them by Alvairo during his time as Mayor of Fallenor. Alvairo was a loving leader and brought Fallenor into fame for their hospitality. The city grieved the death of Alvairo greatly, and has since erected a statue in his image, The Pioneer, in the city centre.

Notable FalleranEdit

  • Alvairo Idel - Original leader of Halcyon, Former Mayor of Fallenor
  • Ester Chiunni - Inventor of the snow game Hemling
  • Doella Breanne - Lieutenant colonel of The Resistance
  • Jroi Alde - Telepath, Halcyon's 9th batch salutatorian
  • Jaykay Lemen - Halcyon's 8th batch graduate
  • Euphoria Vila - Halcyon's 8th batch 5th Honour