Saber Hethers
Personal Info
Gender Male
Birthday 4/8/72
Height 1.81m
Weight 72kg
Occupation/s Student in Halcyon's 8th Batch (Halcyon)

Commander of Halcyon (Breakcliff) General Governor of Kains (Spirit Bonds/Afterdawn)

Affiliation/s Halcyon, Exodus
Status Alive
Aura Info
Class Stage 2B (Living)
Ability aura blades; enhanced senses, strength, and healing; aura projectiles

Saber Hethers is the main protagonist of Halcyon and Breakcliff, and is the deuteragonist of Spirit Bonds and Afterdawn. He is the elected General Governor of Kains and is the former leader of the group Halcyon.


In Halcyon, Saber is depicted as an average, fit teenager with spiky golden brown undercut hairstyle and bright orange irises. He has a relevantly young-looking face and a slim body shape. His complexion is on the pale side. In his usual attire, he sports a grey t-shirt and black slacks joined by a pair of red running shoes. He also has a brown jacket with black designs. He wore a pair of black bug-eye goggles which he tossed into the sea by the end of Halcyon.

In Breakcliff, Saber is described as a "more mature form" of himself. He looks more rugged and more muscular. His attire changes into a darker scheme, adding a black long-sleeved shirt and a pair of black combat gloves to his usual attire. According to Logan, Saber also occasionally wears sunglasses as a tribute to Axel .

In Spirit Bonds and in Afterdawn, he seems to have barely aged. He grew a slight stubble and donned a short crew cut. His attire becomes more matured with a black bomber jacket, a dark olive t-shirt paired with black running pants. He still wears his old running shoes but frequently wears Exodus uniform boots. 


Saber is a hot-headed, competitive brat who has a liking for serving justice. This is evident in his time as the local hero of Kiridia. He likes to toy with his opponents before doing his tasks, sometimes causing his own downfall. Outside of combat, he is actually silent. He does not initiate into conversations with others unless it is deemed absolutely necessary. In the house, he is competitive with his adopted sister Thea as she often performs better than him in most tasks. After the death of his mother, he halted his role as the city vigilante and became more serious. When he reached Latreme, he was able to fend off the thugs with a serious, "no jokes" attitude, at least - temporarily.

When he was taken for Halcyon he showed yet another side of himself. He showed that when he sets a goal, he is able to prosper and improve for that particular goal. He was often the target of bullying from Logan mainly because he would constantly study the lessons. He showed a completely unexpected calm demeanour when dealing with Logan's bullying.

Saber shows maturity when dealing with Trifel. In missions and battles he seems to isolate all nonsense and focus on the primary goal. In one occasion he is referred to as "Iron" when he completely ignores a joke by Axel. The nickname eventually caught on with his solid attitude towards  work.

In Breakcliff he met Rylee whom he found relatable and is centre to his character development. He is shown to be caring for people who go through the pain he as well has experienced, such as Rylee's uncontrollable demonic impulse. He is also shown to be strict as the leader of Halcyon in enforcing the rules, especially to Droll who often violates the rules and plays during missions.

In the latter two books he takes on a very serious role as the General Governor. He makes decisions with help from his other peers which shows his self-doubt. He is shown to "act tough" in situations he cannot handle, such as the terrorist attacks of the Shaucrus Apostles.


He is brought up by his mother, Sierra , on her own after Aren disappeared in the war of Canria. He would've been living in a nice, comfortable home in the upper echelon of Kiridia, if it was not for "a bunch of backstabbing bastards" (quoted from Sierra). If Aren's plan was to fall through, Sierra would arrive at Kiridia with ample resources for a relatively good, comfortable life. The men on board the ship, however, took these resources and spent the money for themselves. Because of this, Sierra had to live with little to no supplies, now with her newborn child, Saber.

Saber grew up in a difficult life. Sierra lacked the money for a proper education and so Saber grew up without going to school. He joined the local gang "The Broken Hatchets"  because they provided a high payout for their crimes.

This changed when Thea arrived. One day, while Saber was doing his everyday chores, he ran into a crying little girl. When he tried to help her, he found out that the girl escaped the murder of her parents and brothers. The murderers : The Broken Hatchets. Upon seeing this, Saber came to the comfort of the little girl, who identified herself as Thea, and left the Hatchets to assume a new role : to be the hero to protect people.


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Saber is usually seen fighting in a reckless brawler stance, throwing punches and kicks in no set order. He is considered to be very deadly in a scramble with his grappling and aggressive movement in a clinch. He is sometimes seen as a better defender in battles such as his defence of Thea and the fight with Roice , where in both he uses less attacks and uses more counter movements.  Saber is gifted with wielding light and fast two handed swords. He uses a Renpo variant fitted to his grip in his time as a student in Halcyon. His first weapon was a katana-like longsword (unamed in the book) given to him by Roice.  Saber also uses Dime's patented power gloves as a ranged weapon. He is innate with his powerful aura that easily shifts into energy pulses, thus giving him a versatile moveset when entering battle. He is shown to be flashy with his attack choices, using charged up beams shooting in patterns instead of firing raw bolts.

In the latter parts (Dairu Chapter) Saber is shown to be much more tactical in his battles. As General Governor he uses complex strategies in battle, such as formation calling and linking their moves with one another to form more efficient combat techniques. He is often shown using a Rend Oremus in melee battle but uses his hand blades more often. His choice in firearm varies per mission showing his tactical movement from a more "reckless brawler".


Saber is a surprisingly intelligent person as shown in his studies at Halcyon. He intakes information quickly and is able to easily recall it in times needed. He memorized the fight patterns of Halcyon's fleet despite not being able to execute them. He also loves studying for History class as he stated that "it is the only intriguing part of academics". 

In the Battle for Granfior Saber is the first to suspect the patterns of Trifel's attack and match it with Exseliar's programs. This shows his critical thinking when gathering information to exploit the enemy. In the offensive of Halcyon against Trifel (Halcyon), Saber is shown to be too emotional as seen with his refusal to attack Roice. He allowed himself to be beat despite several commands to fight back. In the Defence of Breakcliff he noticed the "wear and tear" strategy that the voidspawns were using which enabled them to conserve manpower and use less force.



Saber owns a Class 2B Aura and is one of the eight known non-God Living Auras. His aura glows a vibrant fiery red and releases occasional bursts of energy to maintain stability (otherwise the aura would implode). Saber's aura mainly enables him to be a feral berserker with enhanced senses (specifically sight) and blade-like appendages on each arm. Initially his aura is uncontrollable and drives him to ragey rampages but by his election he is shown to have gained control over most of the aura.

Living AuraEdit

His living aura is the "Gore'n" aura, more commonly referred to as the Red Demon Spirit. Saber's aura lives in the form of gauntlets that turn his aura blades into physical, indestructible weapons. With his self-dubbed "living blades" he can extend it further than the original length (38cm) up to 78cm.

Character RelationshipsEdit

Roice ArasEdit

Roice is Saber's best friend and possibly the closest person to him (pre-third). Roice (with Altrais) saved Saber and Thea in the Hakkun forest from the Broken Hatchets. Saber looked up to Roice as a very trustworthy fellow who is very supportive yet also not serious. During Saber's hardships in Halcyon, Roice visited frequently over the three years motivating Saber and giving him willpower to keep training. At many times Saber seemed like he would want to quit, but remembered Roice who would always be supportive of his success. At the time Roice disappeared, Saber seemed most distressed (more than his own mother's death) when he found out that he was gone. This pushed Saber to further hate Trifel and officially start his quest. When he found out that Roice was brainwashed into a "Saber killing machine" he did not fight back and allow himself to be hurt than to hurt Roice. 

Saber and Roice further became friends during the two years of peace. Saber, now leading Halcyon, is assisted by Roice in managing the organization. Saber at times would be biased with his decision making due to Roice's own preferences.

When Roice died, Saber retired his codename "Rose" in Halcyon and made an honorary badge for his exemplary sacrifice.

Rylee PearceEdit

Rylee is Saber's wife and is usually his voice of reason throughout his General Governor role. She and Saber met during the Case of Breadbatch and was described at first as a lonely and isolated girl. Saber was one of the first to know about Rylee's past and her demonic aura (similar to himself). Saber felt compassionate and became one of her remedies to getting over her sister's death. The two began to show signs of interest during the fall of Fallenor where Saber sacrificed his own body to save Rylee from the fire.

The two married in between Breakcliff and Spirit Bonds. They have a daughter, Solene, and resided in Passius Castle in Kenry before it was attacked by the Apostles.

Rylee and Saber had an argument around four to five years after the peace restoration. Rylee is begging Saber to step down as General Governor because of the stress he has been going through. Saber refuses and in an incident gets mad and scolds her. This made Rylee leave the castle and give Saber time alone. Then, Saber raised their daughter on his own.

Althea Bercost Edit

Thea, her nickname, is one of Saber's most important allies and closest friends. When her father died, Thea was taken in by Sierra and became Saber's adopted sister. She is caring and kind, usually backing up and protecting Saber with his nightly antics. In Halcyon, Saber would often ask for her help with studies. She continues to be Saber's close companion and is always there for him when the need arises.


Axel and Saber's relationship is a mix between an uncle-nephew and a brotherly relationship. Axel would usually take missions jokingly and toy around with Saber and the rest. He would often bring an apple with him to missions and sometimes asks Saber to carry it for him, much to his discontent. Eventually Saber started carrying along a bag for apples to bring to missions.

Despite this, Saber respects Axel with his full sincerity. He owes the spot in Halcyon to him and he also has to Axel to thank for informing him of his true identity. 

Ameer Emande Edit

While Saber was still a kid, Ameer was his closest friend in Kiridia. He works at the docks and is often visited by Saber during his break time. The two are very close and were neighbours. He knows of Saber's "Goggles" persona and helps with organising shortcut routes for Saber to use during his missions. When Ameer was wrongfully killed by Trifel, Saber left his goggles at Ameer's place and vowed to exact revenge on Trifel.

Logan ClayEdit

Logan quickly became Saber's close friend after their graduation. Despite being a bully during their time in school, he is actually a "cool guy" according to Saber and ended up being one of the top scorers. Saber and Logan (along with Torch) during missions form a  fierce frontline. The three usually uses their high offensive output to start up missions with an advantage. Logan and Saber may not be as close as Logan and Torch, but the two also form a great combo in tight situations, such as the Granfior battle.

After Roice's death, Logan was appointed as a high executive in the military (then governed by Saber). He would help Saber with big missions like large-scale evacuations and terrain reclaiming.

After Logan's (and several other's) deaths, Saber would fall into depression and leave the Exodus. Despite this, Logan's death fueled him to come back as a stronger leader.

Euphoria VilaEdit

Euphoria is Saber's first girlfriend and a "bright spot" of Halcyon's school life. Saber once called her as "the hottest thing next to the sun", even if the other males in the batch would refer to Alana or Bella as the prettiest girls in the batch. Saber would later develop a crush on her and eventually, the two went out together. Saber and Euphoria formed a "dark-light combo" (according to Ryce) and was "a perfect fit" (according to Thea). They were usually separated in battle, however, due to Euphoria being at the rearguard while Saber was on the vanguard. Despite this, the two stayed together until the end. Euphoria died at the battle for Sturge Peak, where she used her own body to cancel out the energy coming from Trifel's machine.

Solene HethersEdit

Saber and Rylee's daughter, the Harriah's Descendant and is the leader of the roster Heathon Flame. She was raised in Passius Castle in Kenry and was treated like a princess. Saber and Solene rarely get to spend a lot of time with each other due to his other businesses while Rylee would usually take care of her. Solene would be closer to Rylee than to Saber but when Rylee left after an argument with Saber, she had to start getting used to her loneliness at the big castle.

After the attack, Saber was really worried for Solene's condition. He lost contact and ended up managing Exodus first before searching. It may have seemed like an irresponsible move at first but it was the more important objective at the time.


  • "Would I make a handome trophy?"

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  • Saber's original concept was to be an android created by Altrais (then known as Drozone) who turns his back on his own creator because of his evil plans.
  • Saber is the only major character to celebrate his birthday on the fourth quarter.
  • In a previous version of Halcyon, Saber was intended to gain flight and speed rapidly to anywhere he wants to be. (But that's just flat out OP)
  • Saber is the only character who is seen completely drunk in the story. 
  • Saber's original concept was to have steel blades intead of aura, which makes him very similar to Wolverine.
  • Aside from Aren, Saber is the only character to use the fakeout tactic using Areno leaves. (Aren's usage of it was vague, but he mentions it in a story)
  • In Biohazard, the word "Saber" was mentioned 2,464 times, a record high over 1500 times above the second place, Axel.