Sylux Aras
Personal Info
Gender Male
Birthday 1/56/68
Height 1.87m
Weight 71 kg
Occupation/s Worked at Exseliar as a forest warden / parcel deliveryman
Affiliation/s Exseliar, Halcyon
Status Deceased
Aura Info
Class 1
Ability N/A

Sylux Aras was a supporting character in Halcyon and Breakcliff and was Saber's best friend. He worked for Exseliar and was Latreme City's best marksman.


In Halcyon, Sylux is described as a gritty-looking gunman. His neck-length hair is a shade of dark scarlet and atop his head is a small tuff of hair shaped like a little flame. He wears his Exseliar jacket over a red shirt paired with denim jeans and leather boots. He carries around his gun, named Rose, on his back with a black fiber strap. In Breakcliff, he replaced his Exseliar jacket with a black vest.

"Rose", his gun, is a shotgun/rifle hybridthat is usually seen strapped around his back. It isa regular shotgun that has modifications to its handle and barrel. It is equipped with a scope that has its name, Rose, written on it. In some chapters, he uses a pistol instead which is placed on his left calf in a holster.


Sylux is described to be a friendly and funny guy. He enjoys being a mentor, teaching lesser skilled people skills such as shooting, proper hill climbing and cooking. Saber commented on his somewhat prideful attitude multiple times in the story. He shows poor work ethic, usually coming late to work, or not coming at all. This however changes when he is motivated by something, usually a strong goal or a good reward.

Despite this, he is a very knowledgeable person. He compiles information he picks up during his life and uses them at appropriate situations.

He is very friendly to girls, in particular those who make notice of his stubborn attitude.

Sylux became best friends with Saber over the course of the Halcyon program, where Sylux would act as a supportive "older brother" figure.


Prior to the events of Halcyon, he was already working at Exseliar as a city perimeter guard, assigned to watch over the Hakkun Forest. He acts as a warden in the forest who surveys the area and often takes care of the wildlife, such as the saruma and the muuto, both very common in the forest area.


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Sylux's combat skills are exceptional. In armed combat, his proficiency in firearms make him extremely dangerous with his razor sharp accuracy and effortless control. He can strike targets from a distance with a sniper rifle or battle in close combat with his shotgun. His weapon dexterity is greatly attributed to Rose, his gun which canshift between a shotgun or a sniper rifle.

Without firearms, Sylux still possesses a deadly grappling style which he learned in his training camp before Exseliar. He prefers to strangle his opponents and trap them in submission manoeuvres instead of a usual striking approach with punches and kicks.


Sylux uses a complicated system in his brain to predict target movements before shooting. He excels in the sniper rifle because of this very systematic aim.

Sylux is a knowledge database, able to recall the minute details of many events and explain them when needed.


Sylux owns a regular Type 1 aura.

Character RelationshipsEdit

Saber Hethers Edit

Saber treats Sylux as his best friend. Sylux and Saber's friendship began during the Halcyon Program, when Sylux would visit frequently to keep Saber encouraged to push on in the training camp (his original purpose to visit Thea, as he had a crush on her). The two would often hang around at Fallenor's Muuto Peak, drinking Céradona and eating cheesecake (Saber's favourite food).

During the two years of peace, Saber appointed Sylux as a high official in Halcyon. Saber's biased decisions prove how important Sylux's opinions are to the major decisions made by the organization. Sylux played a vital role after the Fall of Fallenor when he acted as the navigator doubling as a tour guide. Saber praised Sylux greatly for successfully leading them to Breakcliff (which is Saber's dream place to visit)

Luke Bridgewater Edit

An odd pair, the duo of Sylux and Luke Bridgewater was a surprisingly efficient combo. To cope with Torch Fernis's death, Sylux became the new duo partner of Logan . It did not work as perfectly as it used to - until they arrived at Breakcliff.

There, Sylux met Luke Bridgewater (who was initially an outcast in the group due to his background) and the two became paired for the frontline offence, replacing Logan. The duo had great chemistry and despite their combat styles being very different, they handle the frontline well with their quick clear time.

Althea Bercost Edit

Sylux had a crush on Thea the moment they met. This crush would last throughout Thea's time in Halcyon, but it would quickly fade afterwards. Still, the two are good friends as they share a passion in cuisine. Thea is very much interested n southern culture which coincidentally Sylux knows a lot about due to his time spent stationed there.

Lyra Komiko Edit

Lyra was Sylux's girlfriend before he died. She had a very complementary personality to Sylux's, being a very focused and hardworking young girl trying to make enough extra money to pay for her family's wants (in contrast to Sylux being laid back and lazy because he already has what he wants).

The two would be very often seen with each other, throwing cheesy pickup lines at each other while holding each other's hands. Saber was very happy for Sylux, finding a perfect fit for him in Lyra.

Sylux's death was a very heavy blow to Lyra's heart. She fell into a slight depression, but picked up where she left by joining the KCA under the nickname of "Rose", in honour of Sylux.


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  • Sylux's original character design had no name, instead was called "Shadow Assassin" and was a primary antagonist. In the original, "Assassin" was responsible for killing Altrais (then called Drozone) instead of him dying at the hands of Saber.
    • In addition, "Assassin" owned a pet dragon, fittingly named "Shadow Dragon".
  • Sylux's gun, Rose, has thorns on its handle and can only prick the wielder if he/she doesn't hold it properly.
  • His surname, Aras, is shared with Roice Aras.
    • They are not related.
  • Sylux's favourite drink, Céradona, is a type of wine that originates from Kenry's Passius mountain. Saber's castle in Arc Two is on Passius Mountain, which explains why he has a surplus of Céradona in Spirit Bonds and Afterdawn.